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The first three workshops 2017 are at Challenge House #7, Civitan Ed. Complex on Phelps Avenue.

At least 4 times a year workshops are conducted by trained instructors from area universities as well as local professional artist. Two of these each year are free to Hopkinsville Art Guild members. Additional workshops are offered at a nominal fee of $25.00 per workshop. Non-Guild members pay $35.00 each workshop. Gallery only members pay $25.00. The public is invited to participate. Guild membership is open to all.

Guild Membership fee $40 per year for adults, $15 for students. (July to June year) To register contact Henrietta Kemp at 270-886-3776 or hvkemp@yahoo.com. Students are charged $15.00 for all workshops over their two free ones. Workshops will vary in medium and subject matter.

To register for a workshop leave your query/info at Our Notification Box. Click this blue link.
Then wait for Express E-Mail to open.


We have a great line up of 7 workshops scheduled for you for this year. We begin with an all day workshop on September 9th, Creating Color Harmony in Your Paintings led by Tommy Fletcher from Paducah, KY. He will show us how to achieve color harmony by using toning, color mixing, glazing and layering. The workshop is designed for all ability levels. It will count as 2 of the free workshops you receive for the year because of the extra expense for an all day workshop. We will limit attendance to 15 participants. The deadline for registering is September 2nd.

Attached is the current schedule of all workshops planned for the entire year.



New Gallery

108 East 6th Street
Hopkinsville, Kentucky
Open 1 0:00—4:00
Mondays through Fridays
and 10:00—2:00


Offered during the year
on a variety of topics.

Hopkinsville Art Guild | P.O. Box 495 | Hopkinsville, KY 42240