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Gallery folk,

For those who inquire about exhibiting at the Gallery, or who presently exhibit, I have developed the following documents (These are downloadable from the MEMBERS page):

    Exhibiting at the Gallery: Requirements & Procedures (rev 03/17/17)
    Inventory & Consignment Agreement (rev 12/22/16)
    Instructions for completing the Inventory & Consignment Agreement form (rev 03/17/17)

The overall purpose of these documents is to help Gallery exhibitors display their art and craft items with a minimum of paperwork, while at the same time benefiting from all that is available from the ShopKeep point-of-sale system.

I strongly recommend that each of these documents (attached in pdf format) be stored on the HAG website with descriptive links that can be readily located by existing and potential exhibitors. The “Exhibiting at the Gallery” document should be included in any “New Gallery Member” packet provided by the Membership chairperson.

As the self-designated ShopKeep Administrator, I intend to regularly communicate via email/text/phone with Gallery exhibitors about the status of their items displayed and sold at the Gallery.

Within a day or two of the sale of an item at the Gallery, I will email/text a pdf copy of the sales receipt to the exhibitor.

At least quarterly (approximately 10 days before art change-out), I will email a report to each Gallery exhibitor showing each item they have submitted for entry into the ShopKeep inventory. The report will include item description, department, category, artist/supplier, register status, price and quantity. The register status will indicate whether the item is “active” (currently on display for sale) or “inactive” (the item has sold out or been removed from display).

Especially at quarterly change-out time, having these documents on the website where they can be readily located for download and printing is important to facilitating smooth movement of items in and out of display at the Gallery.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, please contact me.


Jim Wille
Publicity/Public Relations Chair for Hopkinsville Art Guild/Gallery Treasurer for Hopkinsville Art Gallery
270-348-2064 (cell)

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