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Library at HAG

We have a library at our Gallery with books and tapes related to art for the HAG membership to enjoy while doing your shift or to take home. I've noticed a lot of books have been taken home without filling out a card. Books are allowed to be taken out for a month. We need the card filled out and placed in the little file box to be able to check to see if the books have been returned. Please bring back any books you've borrowed if you've had them over a month; so, other members are able to enjoy these books.

Here are instructions when borrowing a book. The instructions are located on the little file box.

  1. Please remove the card attached to the back cover of the book
  2. Fill the card out with your name, date out, and then place it in the card file box alphabetically by your last name.
  3. When you return the book, take the card out of the little file box, write the date returned and place the card back in the book.
  4. I check the file card box once a month to see if any are over due and send the member an e-mail reminder if they are overdue.

    If you have new books you'd like to add to our gallery, you can place a sticky note on the book that it needs to be added to the library or you can go ahead and affix the plastic envelope to the back of the book and make up a card for it. The supplies to do this are right where the books are. If you have any questions e-mail Gail Meyer at: meyer-art@att.net

    Thanks and Happy Reading

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